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14 May 2014 → CTI Swiss Medtech Award Submissions  
9 July 2014 → CTI Swiss Medtech Best Poster Award Submissions
28 August 2014 → CTI Medtech Event Registration


As the Confederation’s innovation promotion agency, CTI lends support to R&D projects, to entrepreneurship as well as to the development of start-up companies. CTI helps to optimise knowledge and technology transfer through the use of thematic and regional networks and platforms.

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The CTI Medtech Event gave us a great opportunity to present our project 
to a large audience and at the same time provided a very motivating
networking platform with many new contacts. 
This perfectly organized
event is certainly always a highlight
in the course of every CTI project.
Prof. Dr. Jörn Justiz (Bern University of Applied Sciences Biel)
& André Reber (Reber Informatik + Engineering GmbH),
Award Nominees fort he CTI Swiss Medtech Award 2013